The Gift

The Gift (gedeelte)

Zang: Alice Altink
Drums, percussie: Rob van den Oever
Bas: Wilbert de Gooijer
Toetsen: Geert Bremer
Gitaar: PieterJan Stuffers

D. Ferreira, L. Antonio & P.F. Webster

No strings of pearls on a velvet glove
The gift I bring you is the gift of love
No ring of gold but a dream to enfold
When all the stars have flown and you’re alone

The gift of love is a precious thing
A touch of magic on a day in spring
The golden dream every dreamer pursues
Remember darling never refuse the gift of love

For love can be a melody that lingers
Or slip like April wine right through your fingers

You’ll know the lead when your secret star
Illuminates the way to Shangrilah
Whatever fate may befall all I know
Is that the gift of love is the greatest gift of all