Split personality

Split Personality (gedeelte)

Zang: Alice Altink
Gitaar: Hans (Innocence and Despair) Fenger

Tekst: Alice Altink
Muziek: onbekend

Half I’m worldly and half I’m Dutch
Half I’m modest, half too much
Half I’m sweet and half I’m bad
Half I’m happy and half I’m sad
Half I’m fairy and half I’m a witch
Half I’m an angel and half a bitch
Can’t decide what I wanna be
I’m a split personality

Half I’m uncertain and half I’m sure
Half I’m the cover and half the core
Half exciting, half a bore
Half I’m a lady and half a whore
Half I’m open and half I’m shut
Half I’m graceful and half a slut
Half I win and half I loose
Don’t know what I am gonna choose

Half I’m bashful, half extravagant
Half I’m decent and half bon-vivant
Half I’m dirty, half I’m clean
Half I’m goodhearted and half I’m mean
Half I’m sun and half I’m moon
Half I’m butterfly, half cocoon
Rain or shine I’ll accept to be
All parts of my personality