Room to live

Room to live (gedeelte)

Zang: Alice Altink
Drums, percussie: Rob van den Oever
Bass: Wilbert de Gooijer
Toetsen: Geert Bremer
Djembé: Sebastiaan Kaptein
Backing vocals: Emily May ‘t Hoen & Mayke Smit & Kees Giesbergen (leden van 4-tune), Robert van Loon

Tekst en muziek: Alice Altink

Baby I’ve got a lot of love to give
I know that you can use it
Baby I need a lot of room to live
I hope you won’t refuse it

I’ve got some love to give you
But I need some room to live too
Let me love you now and then
Give me room just to say when

I’ve been chained to ev’ry man I’ve loved
Even lost identity
Depressions used to come and leave again
Never knew who was the real me

When I tried to look for freedom
All the ways turned black
First shred into the darkness
Meant no way of turning back

Now the hesitating steps are taken
Lost the men I used to love
All alone I try to be essential
I found myself although it was rough

And what I found may be surprising to you
I have a lot of warmth and tender loving too

And all that lovin’ I know is really me
But I can only give it when I’m completely free