Emily remembers

Emily remembers (gedeelte)

Alice Altink: zang & percussie
Han Hesselink: piano & zang
Oeds Bouwsma: bas
Robert Smit: gitaar

Written by Shirley Eikhard

Emily remembers
the dances at her high school
when she was young and carefree
some forty years ago
Emily remembers
standing on the bleachers
cheering for the home team
her hair all wet with snow

If she forgets today’s her birthday
if it’s tuesday, she’s not sure
if she forgets to comb her hair now
I remember it for her…

Emily remembers
her weekends in the country
her walks down by the river
on sunday afternoons
Emily remembers
her holiday in Paris
those evenings at the ballet
beneath an august moon

If she forgets that I’m her best friend
and how inseparable we were
If she forgets how much she needs me
I remember it for her
if she forgets how much she loves me
I remember it for her